Saturday, September 13, 2008

My New Office Assistant

Seems I always end up writing on Saturday nights. Bruce is usually away at a show, guests have arrived and are out to dinner, I set my menus and then try to prep for breakfast and checkouts. It's one of my favorite times - when I try to unwind and settle things before turning in for the night.

This past Wednesday night, we took in a little kitten that we found outside. A bundle of energy, we managed to keep it away from Callie and Sweetie until we could get it to the Vet to have it checked - no small feat. Bruce took it yesterday, and it got distemper and rabbies shots and de-worming meds. The good news was no fleas, no ear mites, no feline leukemia. We found out it's a female, so we've named her Jackie, in honor of one of Bruce's favorite profs at college who loved red cats.

Today, Jackie seemed to have had a reaction to the meds - she was very lethargic and hadn't eaten or had any water since we brought her home from the Vet, had developed an upper respratory infection and both her eyes were runny and she seemed very sick. After going through this same thing with Pongo, Bruce won the toss to rush her to the kitty hospital downtown. After some antibiotics and other meds, she seems to have come around. She did drop some weight - from 3.3 lbs yesterday to 2.9 today. That is quite a bit for a tiny little thing. We think she may be between 2 and 4 months old.

Tonight I'm happy to report that she is back to running around underfoot and loves to help me at work. We need to work a bit on her manners as she thinks nothing of stepping right into Callies food bowl if it is in her way. So far Callie is not impressed with Jackie, and Sweetie is terrified. I took these pictures of her earlier - she's now fast asleep dreaming of mice or birds or whatever kittens dream of.....

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