Monday, September 22, 2008


Lancaster County Wine Camp is now history - from September 14 through the 16th, a good time was had by all. It all started on the porch of The Artist's Inn with plenty to eat and a chocolate/wine pairing by our friend, Selina Man. She took one look at our new kitten and said she was the color of chardonnay. Well, maybe it was the wine, or the full moon, or the festive atmosphere, or the way the kitten likes to play with corks, but the name stuck. Here she is sleeping with one of her "toys".
On Monday we tasted our way through four different wineries; lunch was combined with a tour through a winery, and we learned a different component of wine-making all along the way.

Dinner was at Cafe Chocolate in Lititz. Of course, it was closed to anyone but us....
If you look closely, you can see our group at the back table.
On Tuesday, we set out for three more wineries, a gourmet cheese shop and an over-the-top wine-paired dinner complete with our "camp" awards.
As you can see, competition was keen....and these two are married!
Our next wine and cheese tour is scheduled for November 15. Call us or book online to be sure that we save you a seat. We'll visit two Lancaster County cheese farmers - including one who works with the milk from his goats, two wineries and top off the day with a multi-course dinner at Lily's on Main in Ephrata. The grapes are waiting....

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