Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Search of Grapes

The time has come to work on our new website and for that we need pictures of the two tour coordinators, Carl and me. Did we think of this two weeks prior when we were at wine camp and there would be plenty of people who could have easily taken a quick picture? Noooooo. So we set out to Twin Brook, a local winery and Elaine was good enough to oblige. She even provided the "props". The only problem is that most of the cabernet sauvignon grapes were already picked....except for one vineyard way in the back, up a hill. And it looked like rain. So, off we drove.

Well, the grass was a little bumpy, the hill a little steeper than it looked, and it's a good thing she was with us because we probably wouldn't have ventured that far by ourselves. Needless to say, my car enjoyed a tasting as well.
But we finally arrived and got the picture we were after...

Oh, the lengths we go to - all in the name of research. Remember, though, we are professionals - do not try this at home!

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