Wednesday, January 28, 2009

“Have You Ever Seen An Amish Wedding Presents Room”?

Mary asked us this question as she led the way through her kitchen, dining room, then past the sewing machines where she was making aprons, and into a long room at the back of the house.

Here were tables laden with cooking utensils, a round clothespin contraption, plates….even a propane lamp/table. These, she explained, were her daughter’s gifts from her wedding in November. It was now late January and her daughter and new husband were still living at Mary’s, waiting to set up house when they move in the spring.

As we walked toward the rear of the room, the groom’s corner was even more interesting, boasting lots of tools and a great-looking grill. Some of these were given the day of the wedding; other gifts had been “collected” as the happy couple traveled to their friends and relatives for dinner visits.

Mary will be part of our Amish Tour on March 28. This excursion will focus on a behind-the-scenes look at local Amish businesses, and explore the Amish way of life – mostly from a yummy culinary point of view!

As we drove home from Mary’s house, chomping on home-made potato chips, I realized that in all the years that I’ve lived here and heard about Amish weddings, I’d never before seen a room full of their presents!

Participants in our upcoming Lancaster County Tour of the Amish will be able to walk around the farms, meet several different families and visit in their homes. We’ll learn how the Amish utilize fruits and vegetables in their family recipes, hear about their traditions and why they love the land. (You’ll even be able to ask Mary about what it’s like to have two of your children married in the same month!)

For more information, call us or visit our website at Our tour group will consist of The Artist’s Inn and the guests from The Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast. The cost is $100/person and will cover lunch, dinner, all demonstrations and tours and transportation. Hurry! Seating is limited; reservations are required. Reserve online or phone us at 888-999-4479.
Our thanks to Dr. Charles Carroll, a recent guest, who snapped the picture below.

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