Monday, March 23, 2009

A Rare Sitting

Guests often ask me, “Do you ever sit down”? Seems I must be moving all the time. While we do lead very busy lives, both Bruce and I can often be found sitting with guests in the evening and occasionally catching a show or two in the area.

So when the Rainbow Dinner Theatre sent an offer to tourism businesses for a free dinner and show, several innkeepers responded and could be found laughing away the hours at their show, Felix and Oscar, last Sunday afternoon.

Dave and Cindy Disavino have operated the dinner theatre for 25 years, and it’s clear that they enjoy what they do. Audiences respond to their work with enthusiasm -- the show was packed. We especially liked Gerry Konjura, who played Oscar. If you closed your eyes, you could almost feel Walter Matthau’s presence from the original version of the play.

One favorite scene shows Oscar looking for tax receipts and emptying his pockets – all innkeepers can relate as we scramble to pull together our expenses, and brace ourselves for April 15. Speaking of taxes, I’d better get back to another sitting – in front of the computer with numbers….

Neil Simon’s masterpiece will be playing through April 25 – call The Artist’s Inn for special discounts on shows. Thank you, Rainbow Dinner Theatre, for a fun day.

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