Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Bit of Olde England in Lancaster County

Keep Your Sunny Side Up!

It was a rainy Monday...a great time to head for a hot cup of tea at an English tea room. And just where would one find that in Lancaster, County? Well, in Intercourse (of course!) at Ye Olde English Tea Room.

I had the vanilla spice tea, and asparagus/ham quiche with salad, and a cherry scone with real clotted cream. It was great. This was just what the damp and dreary day needed. They also have bangers and mash and meat pies. In the summer months, the iced teas are light and refreshing. It all was so.....English....including the rainy weather outside the windows!

But as we talked and looked around the room, we forgot about the rain. What mattered was the conversation that turned to the hopes and dreams between two good friends. Soon the tiny restaurant filled with customers and we could hear their laughter float in from the next room.

We sat at a round table, with pretty fabrics...not unlike those found in Alice in Wonderland! I couldn’t help but get up from the table when something caught my eye– a book on English gardens, a picture, seemed the room was filled with all things tea!

The table was set with wonderful items to explore - from the little teapot napkin rings to the sugar container. It seemed that everywhere you looked, there was something to make you smile.

Then there were those wonderful cheerful English voices – (the owners and staff are all from England) transforming everyday words to dance in your ears.

Did I mention the shopping? Specialty foods from England, interesting jewelry and other little gems are tucked into every shelf, corner, and windowsill. I couldn’t resist these napkin rings – do you recognize Bruce’s artwork?

So, did we just stop in for lunch, or where we transported to some magical place in the English countryside?

Better go for yourself to decide – and if you are a guest of The Artist's Inn, be sure to ask us for a coupon for a free pot of tea. They'll help you keep your sunny side up.


Arlene said...

What a lovely tea set up. I sure would enjoy that. Lancaster Co does boast interesting names for its towns, doesn't it. I remember driving through that one when I lived up North. I visited Lancaster CO often. Too bad I didn't know about your place then. But there is always time and I may take you up on that coupon to tea! :)

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