Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great Places to Shop in Lancaster County (Third in a Series)

I saw these cute folk craft signs on the street corners in town one day last fall. They advertised “Folk Art on the Farm”. My friend Kathy noticed them as well and we were intrigued. So off we went to follow them. We travelled north on Route 897, just outside of Terre Hill and only about five minutes from The Artist's Inn. In no time at all, we found where the signs led.

To a barn behind a house, filled to the brim with all things painted - snowmen, signs, and trees.

Berries in the Meadow is the name of a local business run by The Chapman Family. In the back of their house sits a barn that is magically transformed – depending on the season. We first saw it just before Christmas, so naturally I purchased several gifts.

I particularly liked the old objects that were painted - like a child's hand-painted ice skate stuffed with pine decorations. Yep, you'll now be able to find that amoung my Christmas collection.
Lancaster County just seems to bring out the creative side in folks - often using old items for their craft. Ah yes, there are usually yummy treats at the open houses.

I loved the bright colors and cheery sayings.
The second time we visited was in the spring and I purchased stuff for me. Their next show is this coming Labor Day weekend, so if you are in town, make sure you stop in. If you aren't in town, call us at 888-999-4479 or visit www.artistinncom/reservations.htm and we can help with that situation! I can't wait to add to my fall collection.

Their motto is “Put a Little Happy in Your Life” and I’m hoping these pictures will help you do just that – in case you can’t make it to The Chapmans in person. To keep track of them, you may want to follow their blog: http://www.berriesinthemeadowart.blogspot.com/ or visit their online store at http://www.berriesinthemeadow.etsy.com/


Pat said...

Looks like a fun place to poke around and find unique gifts!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful find! I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks so much for posting on this - such a well done blog.