Friday, December 3, 2010

Great Christmas Places to Shop in Lancaster County, (Sixth in a Series)

Take a trip with me. We’ll travel just around the corner from The Artist’s Inn...down the hill and around the bend...past two one-room schoolhouses where children are playing softball, past Eby’s store where you can buy your fishing license, your groceries and collect your mail, past the farm where our cupolas were made. By now we’ve seen several Amish and Mennonite buggies. Today I saw one with the number “6” marked on the window – clearly they had been to an event (it is still wedding season in Lancaster County), and this is how they mark their buggies for easy finding in a field filled with them.

We’ll travel a little further along the creek, stopping when the wild pheasants cross the road in front of us....deep in the heart of Northern Lancaster County...and discover a thriving nursery business called Frysville Farms.

Just after Thanksgiving, customers arrive by the carload to purchase greens, roping, wreaths, Christmas trees (yes, they have white pine – my favorite), ornaments, decorated trees, and kissing balls. The orchids, amaryllis and cactus are blooming.

And they have poinsettias.

80,000 of them!

All grown right here in Lancaster County.

It’s a feast for the eyes. Look closely as you may see some varieties that will surprise you.

So if you are thinking of purchasing poinsettias, why not go to the source – you’ll be glad you did. The hardest part is deciding which ones to leave behind.


These should brighten up any room.

Poinsettia Tree in the Waterfall Garden


Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I am so glad I found you! I live in Landenberg, Pa. and come up to Lancaster county OFTEN!!! I am so glad to have a site to show me great places to SHOP!!! I am your newest follower now!!! Happy new year! XO, Pinky

Jan Garrabrandt said...

Welcome! And thanks for following.