Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jonah – it sounds like a whale of a good time in Lancaster County

Two weeks ago I attended a preview of the 2012 show at Sight and Sound...Jonah.  It promises to be the most interactive show the theater has ever produced – and these folks have been in the business for 35 years.

Jonah is one of the shortest stories in the Bible, and Sight and Sound admits they took some liberty with this story, expounding on the personality of the character of Jonah. They’ll use lots of symbolism and humor during the play. From what I saw, Jonah is a bit like his house – rigid and straight and strictly adhering to the laws, and God would like him to be just a bit more forgiving. Ah, the lessons this show will hold for all of us.

We met an absolutely adorable skunk – just one of the animals being trained for the show opening in March. We met the donkey as well – one that Jonah thought was a bit, ah, stubborn. As I said, lots of symbolism on this set.

And what a set it is. If you’ve never been to this Lancaster County theater, the stage is all around you – and this show promises to bring you underwater AND inside the whale. Just how they will do that is a secret that won’t be revealed until showtime. What isn’t a secret, but is just as amazing, is that the sets are controlled by GPS!

Kids are especially going to love Jonah...there are bubbles that float out and over the audience and cute little crab puppets for sale.

It’s going to be a great show...we can’t wait to see it. If you can’t wait, call us – The Artist’s Inn  is a participant in their hotel program, so we can purchase tickets at a discount to any Sight and Sound show.

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