Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dance Explosion at American Music Theatre

One of the best things about going to a high-energy theater performance is that it is so exhilarating. That delightful “high” feeling affects me long after the last curtain goes down. I sing in the shower, croon in the car (if I keep those speakers turned up high, I sound halfway decent), and dance while I’m brushing my teeth, as the tunes from the show bounce around in my head.

The latest show from American Music Theater delivers a ton of excitement – from Broadway tunes to songs by famous singers and dancers. Michelle Rajotte must have an endless source of energy.  I’d be exhausted just from the costume changes she makes in one night. She and Melanie Gaskins do a terrific version of Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag. That is most impressive, since it comes toward the end of the show.

So, what was my favorite part? That’s hard to say. I loved the tributes to Fred Astaire, Elvis and Michael Jackson, and OF COURSE, In The Mood and any tap number. And I’m not sure which of the men tumbled high across the stage several times, but whoever he was, he was incredible and I hope he heard my applause. Then there was the drum solo – making me regret not taking drum lessons. Wah.

If there was one song that I wasn’t too crazy about it would be Oklahoma. Judging by the audience reaction, clearly I was the only one there that night that didn’t like that song. I don’t understand why I can’t remember guests’ names from last week, yet I know every word of that song. Maybe it’s because just talking about it firmly embeds in my brain, sort of like being stuck in the movie, Groundhog Day.

I’m sure there are many songs from the show that you’ll like. So if you need an energy boost, don’t miss this original production at AMT. It is playing until October 8 right here in Lancaster County.


Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am going to see if I can get a "program" of upcoming events. I live about 45 mins. from there amd ahve been to AMF once, sadly! This show sounds great! Pinky

trump said...

I must admit I've become a fan of shows like "do you think you can dance" for years now, so this looks to be an interesting event to go to. Richard

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! It was a wonderful show! The performers did a fabulous job drawing you in and making you feel a part of the show! I highly recommend anyone who needs to be "Charged Up" go see Dance Explosion you will be singing for days.

trump said...

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