Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Magic of Summer in Lancaster County

Maybe it’s the early morning dew shining in the sun, the corn leaves blowing in the breeze, or the never-ending succession of blooming flowers.

It could be the sight of an Amish farmer plowing his field, Amish children running down the lane, or produce bulging from the bike baskets of our Old-order Mennonite neighbors.

Perhaps it’s the song of the birds, the sight of a buggy crammed full of giggling girls, young Amish boys in straw hats, or young girls tending the family garden.

There’s corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden, and ice cream at a nearby dairy farm.

Farm stands are loaded with fresh produce, and cows watch as you bicycle by.  Seems like time goes a little slower, the air smells a little sweeter, and smiles are everywhere …..that’s the magic of summer in Lancaster County.

But sumer doesn’t last forever….don’t let it slip away.