Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sooooo, I was driving down the back roads of Lancaster County and came across this sign.

Well, I just had to stop.  And I was so glad that I did.  Cocalico Creek Greenhouse has a lovely variety of plants, but their displays make everything fun....

From the entrance,

on the outside,

to the inside, 

and using anything they can find!

I also learned that they own 2 o'clock Creations  - full of furniture and decor...again, fun stuff!

They even offer painting classes.  

All located at 50 West Mohler Church Road in Ephrata.  717-721-7586.  The greenhouse is open every day but Sunday from March 1 until July 4 and then in the Fall from September 30 until November 1.  It's worth catching it while you can!

2 O'clock Creations is open year round, except for Sunday. All about 15 minutes from The Artist's Inn and Gallery.

These were the two things that I couldn't leave without:

Oh, and my free succulant plant!

So thanks Cocalico Creek Greenhouse for making a routine trip to Ephrata a fun day!  I'm glad my name was on your board!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Here's how to tell that it's Spring in Lancaster County:

1.  Our local greenhouses are open and bursting with color

2.  The locals have switched to their straw hats.

3.  Mud sales are held almost every weekend

4. Farmers are plowing their fields

5.  Mom and Lucy are back in their summer places on the porch at The Artist’s Inn!